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Telling your story through video creates a powerful, often emotional bond with your audience by giving them a window into your world and a voice to your brand. Understanding what a brand does and why they do it builds rapport & trust in just minutes.

RuffHouse has provided full script-to-screen services to a variety of clients who understood the value of this powerful medium. We delivered outstanding, share-worthy content that connects. 
90% of consumers view online video.
Most marketing pros cite video as having the best ROI.
Online visitors who view video content are likely to stay longer, share content and engage.


Logro Farms is a sustainable farming venture that created a symbiotic partnership where the waste from one business grows the organic produce for another. Logro wanted a series of videos to share on social media to expand their message. RuffHouse produced 5 value driven mini-documentaries as well as impactful graphics for their online campaign.



My name is Charles Wiedman and I'm an award-winning creative talent. My background is advertising and design but also includes writing, producing, and directing motion pictures.
I formed RuffHouse in 2003 to create opportunities for telling stories from a highly creative point of view that I hope entertains and inspires.
I'm best known as the creator and designer of “Lunch Money”, a collectable card game distributed internationally by Atlas Games, and winner of the Origins Award from The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. I won two Telly Awards and an Aegis Award for “The Buckleteers!” which I wrote, produced, and directed for Seton Children’s Hospital. My short film “32 Governor’s Hill” won at the BloodShots 48 Hour Filmmakers Competition.
I've produced, written, and directed dozens of short films and client videos, written 18+ screenplays. I wrote, produced, and directed "The Sinner" which was filmed in Austin and released in 2012. I'm also a television and film actor.
With over 20 years of experience as a freelance graphic designer and creative in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA, I'd like to extend my services, experience, relationships, and vision to you and the stories you’d like to tell.
Welcome to RuffHouse. Have a taco.


Drop me a line. Any time.