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In Development

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The City

A limited series from award-winning writer/director Charles Wiedman

• A burned out city detective must retrieve or eliminate “Rebecca” - a highly advanced A.I. experiment that’s gone missing. The trail leads him to a mysterious young woman with supernatural powers connected to an underground resistance movement of ‘extremists’. As his journey unfolds, his own latent supernatural abilities are realized just in time to stop the agenda of a dark cabal of power elite to fundamentally transform the course of human consciousness - in a city that’s become self-aware.

Science Fiction Action Drama


The City Development Project

'SATORI' - A Short Film Prequel - Based on 'The City'

• Haunted by a powerful dream of life as she nears her death, Rayne Watson turns to Ed Kohl - a mysterious recluse - who helps reactivate her own consciousness and break free of the enslavement program imposed on humanity by the A.I. technocratic surveillance state of The City.


Science Fiction Drama

Approx. Run-Time: 12 Minutes

Watch The City Rip Reel


Way of the Hand

Action Drama - Feature Film

Inspired by the true-life condition known as 'Alien Hand Syndrome'.


A peaceful citizen is forced into a war against a powerful criminal organization after his hand develops special powers and a vengeful mind of its own.



Action Drama - Episodic

Inspired by the true-life experiences of veterans & first responders.


A retired army ranger’s code of justice is tested when he uncovers a human trafficking ring with ties to our own government. This discovery propels him and his circle of friends on a mission to save those who can’t save themselves.

Triple Life

Drama - Episodic

Inspired by the incredible true story of Jennifer Myers and her award-winning memoir: “Trafficking The Good Life”.


An innocent young woman from Ohio with dreams of becoming a professional dancer in Chicago finds herself irresistibly drawn into one of the largest marijauna trafficking rings the DEA has ever seen.

'Sheepdog' - Rip Reels

'Sheepdog' Look & Feel - Rip Reel

This reel borrows from existing projects to convey the visual style of the series. 

'Sheepdog' Concept & Context - Rip Reel

This reel borrows from existing projects to convey the themes and character lifestyles and issues. 

Produced Projects Available for Development

The Seed (2018)



Charles Wiedman


David Christopher


David Christopher

Robert Calder

Charles Wiedman

• “Buck Conner” - a small town, Texas corn farmer is forced into a battle with a powerful multi-national GMO seed corporation in order to save his family farm. This true-to-life, character-driven story offers a touching portrayal of a traditional, American corn-belt family and their values put to the test in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

This Short Film was produced as a Proof of Concept for a

Feature Film of the same name. Pitch Deck and Script are available for review.

DEVELOPMENT: This property is available for development into a full-length Feature Film.

Watch Proof of Concept Trailer

Watch Proof of Concept Below

The Sinner (2010)



Charles Wiedman


David Christopher

Savannah Welch

Katherine Willis

Jesse Dayton


David Christopher

Robert Calder

Charles Wiedman

Watch Trailer

Watch Pitch Trailer

• A cigar smokin’, tequila drinkin’, tattooed, fist-fightin’ hoodlum named Fisher Rood is on a mission to tear down Satan’s kingdom one lost soul at a time while dispensing old testament style justice and outrunning the agents of an evil, global organization.

DEVELOPMENT: This property is available for development into a scripted series.

Short Films

Magnificent Beast (2020)



Charles Wiedman


David Christopher


David Christopher

Robert Calder

Charles Wiedman

“There once was a man who walked through death, and found life. God in disguise - lost in the tangle of his own creation.” ... Winner of multiple international film awards, Magnificent Beast portrays the inner journey of a man who renegotiates a lifetime of hidden trauma through a symbolic alter ego while in a meditative dream-state. Runtime: 11:11

NOTE: This film was designed to be produced with a total cast & crew of only 3 people. We used one camera with no lighting or audio equipment - during the lockdown of 2020 in Austin, TX.


RuffHouse Studios in association with Another Way Entertainment

creates feature film & television content that entertains and inspires



Charles Wiedman

RuffHouse Studios

Charles is an award-winning creative talent who’s worked as an actor, writer, producer, and director in Los Angeles, and Austin, TX where he’s currently based. He moved to Texas (2003) from LA to start RuffHouse Studios and create content that entertains and inspires. His film ‘MAGNIFICENT BEAST’ won several prestigious awards on the 2021 international film festival circuit. In 2006, he won two Telly Awards, and the Aegis Award for ‘THE BUCKLETEERS!’ His film ‘32 GOVERNOR’S HILL’ won at the 2006 48 Hour BloodShots Filmmakers Competition. He wrote, produced, and directed ‘THE SINNER’ which was released in 2012 as a feature film. Charles helped produce ‘CHARLIE SHEEN: BAD BOY ON THE EDGE’ (2011). He wrote and directed ‘THE SEED’ (2019) which was Officially Selected for 5 domestic and foreign film festivals. He’s also known as the creator and designer of ‘LUNCH MONEY’, an award-winning collectible card game distributed internationally by Atlas Games. Charles studied acting in Los Angeles with renowned acting coach Sal Dano, as well as Roy London protégé Clayton Rohner. As an actor, credits for Charles include: “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”,  “The Leftovers” (HBO), and 2 seasons of Queen of the South” (USA) as “Denny Villalobos”.



David Christopher

Another Way Entertainment

David Christopher is an award-winning actor and producer, known for ‘MAGNIFICENT BEAST’ (2021), ‘THE SEED’ (2019), ‘THE SINNER’ (2012), ‘BENEATH THE DARKNESS’ (2011) and ‘HOLY HELL’ (2016). David started his career in South Beach, Florida as a model and commercial actor in the 90’s. He moved to New York City to study at The Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC before moving back to Austin to raise his daughter. David has performed in multiple Equity stage productions including the role of ‘TOM JOAD’ in ‘THE GRAPES OF WRATH’, ‘METAMORPHOSES’, “GLEN GARRY, GLEN ROSS’ and others. He’s involved in the thriving independent film community in Austin and has earned outstanding reviews from Variety Magazine, TV Guide, Ain’t It Cool News and The Examiner. David developed, produced and starred in the film ‘THE SEED’ (2019) which premiered at The Sedona International Film Festival - a proof of concept short film taken from the feature version which is currently being shopped. David performed as himself in the ground breaking documentary ‘HOLY HELL’’ which was a Grand Jury Prize Nominee at The Sundance Film Festival (2016). David developed and is producing ‘TRIPLE LIFE’ a scripted television series currently being shopped; and he developed, produced and starred in the short film ‘MAGNIFICENT BEAST’ which won multiple awards on the international 2021 festival circuit.

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