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RuffHouse is an award-winning, full service motion picture production studio with a highly creative and cinematic point of view combined with a 20 year background in advertising and marketing in Austin and Los Angeles.

“People don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives. But while they focus on the story, information comes along for the ride.

-Jonah Berger

Introducing RuffHouse Cinematics

A highly creative and engaging short film or mini-documentary that reflects the voice, lifestyle or spirit of a brand.

We all love a good story.

Online video content is an exciting and powerful tool for a growing number of companies. Telling a story through video creates a compelling, often emotional bond with existing and future clients and builds rapport & trust with an audience in just minutes.

RuffHouse Studios provides full script-to-screen services. From initial concept and script creation, through preproduction, production and picture edit to post-audio and music, we deliver share-worthy content that connects.

Here's a video from our friends at Shutterstock that showcases some of the key statistics around the growing power of online video:

90% of consumers watch online video.(source)

Just adding video on a landing page generates 90% confidence rate.(source)

71% of viewers say videos leave a positive impression of the company.(source)

58% consider companies that produce video to be more trustworthy.(source)

what's your story?

Featured Client: LoGro Farms

Logro Farms is a sustainable farming venture that has created a unique symbiotic partnership where the waste from one business grows the organic produce for another. Logro wanted a series of videos to share on social media to expand their message.
RuffHouse produced 5 value driven mini-documentaries for their online campaign.


Feature Films

The Sinner Movie


A cigar smokin’, tequila drinkin’, fist-fightin’ hoodlum named “Fisher Rood” is on a mission to tear down Satan’s kingdom one lost soul at a time while dispensing old testament style justice and outrunning the agents of an evil, global organization.online video production

Available Now:

The Seed Movie


The Seed tells the story of a small town corn farmer forced to battle a powerful GMO seed corporation in order to save his family farm. This true-to-life, character driven drama offers a touching portrayal of an American farming family and their values put to the test in a battle over the rights of the individual farmer vs. the patent claims of a GMO corporation.

online video production
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