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The Sinner Movie The Sinner
God, Guns & Gasoline

A cigar smokin', fist-fightin' hoodlum named Fisher Rood is on a mission to tear down Satan's kingdom one lost soul at a time while dispensing old testament style justice and outrunning the agents of an evil, global organization.

THE SINNER is a new style of faith-based film offering a harder edge to traditional spiritual entertainment. Written and Directed by Charles Wiedman. Starring David Christopher with Alex Jones, Savannah Welch, Katherine Willis and Jesse Dayton.

Available now on DVD.

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In Development

The Seed The Seed
Inspired by Actual Events

Buck Conner, a small town corn farmer, is forced to battle a powerful GMO corporation in order to save his family farm. This faith filled, character driven story gives a touching portrayal of a rural American family when their values are put to the test in the face of insurmountable odds.

The only thing Buck did was say no to their system. This decision plunges Buck, his family and an entire town into a David vs. Goliath battle over the rights of the individual farmer against the imposed rights and claims of the corporation over what God created - the seed.

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About RuffHouse Studios RuffHouse Studios
Inspired Entertainment

RuffHouse was formed in 2003 by Charles Wiedman who decided to plant his flag back home in Austin, TX after working at various companies in Los Angeles including Creative Entertainment Group for over eight years. RuffHouse soon won 2 Telly Awards and an Aegis award under his direction. Fellow Ruffians include Katherine Willis and David Christopher in Austin, and Tim Cavanaugh in L.A.

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The Seed Movie by RuffHouse Studios
Oct 07 2013
The Seed
The Seed

The Seed

Category: Feature Film - Posted: 10/07/2013

A small town corn farmer, is forced to battle a powerful multi-national GMO corporation in order to save his family farm.

Seasons Movie by RuffHouse Studios
May 01 2013


Category: Feature Film - Posted: 05/01/2013

A gifted, high school football player gives everything he has to the game only to discover there's more to give after a career-ending head concussion.

The City by RuffHouse Studios
Sep 15 2012
The City
The City

The City

Category: Web Series, Sci Fi - Posted: 09/15/2012

In a technocratic nanny state, City Detective Kate O'Connell falls into a secret underground resistance movement and discovers the limitless power of human potential.