David Christopher in "The Seed" 

In Production


“The Seed”

Pro-farm. Pro-family. Anti-GMO


(Proof of Concept - for Feature Film)

A small town, Texas corn farmer must take a stand against a powerful multi-national GMO seed corporation to save his family farm. This true-to-life, character-driven story gives a touching portrayal of “Buck Conner” - a man whose faith and values are put to the test in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The only thing he said was, “No” to their system. This decision plunges Buck and his family into a battle over the rights of the individual farmer vs. the imposed claims of the corporation and their patented seed technology.


This story is inspired by actual events.

In Development



#traintolive #defend #serveothers

(1 hr. scripted serialized drama for cable television)


Retired Army Ranger John Blackwood runs an executive protection agency in the Texas hill country just outside Austin, TX with a colorful group of fellow veterans. With strong ties to law enforcement and various government agencies, John and his team are sometimes called upon for specialized security services while at the same time, dealing with far more consequential domestic issues at home. Being willing to do very bad things to very bad people for the ones they love or are sworn to protect comes with a price. But it’s a price they’re willing to pay.



Positive badassery and perseverance. Our characters work through past traumas like PTS, sexual assault, addiction, and the loss of limbs, poor decisions and ghosts from the past, and more, by refusing to be a victim. Sheepdog offers mature, thought-provoking plot lines around the hot button issue of gun ownership in America (pros and cons) by offering an alternative look at the subject through our character’s choices, actions, and the consequences of both.

The Team

Charles Wiedman

Director | Writer | Actor | Producer


Ruffhouse founder Charles Wiedman won two Telly Awards, and an Aegis Award for “The Buckleteers!”. His short film “32 Governor’s Hill” won at the BloodShots Horror Filmmakers Competition. He’s also known as the creator/designer of “Lunch Money”, a collectable card game distributed internationally by Atlas Games, and winner of the Origins Award. In addition to a string of short films and commercials under his banner RuffHouse Studios, Charles wrote, produced, and directed “The Sinner” which was released in 2012.


As an actor, his credits include: “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”,  “The Leftovers” (HBO), and two seasons of Queen of the South” (USA) as dirty “Denny Villalobos”. Charles has lived and worked professionally as an actor, writer, and director in both Los Angeles, and Austin, TX where he’s currently based.

Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh

Producer | Actor


Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh is a producer with twenty plus years of solid entertainment industry experience. Known for expertise in film budgeting, production and distribution, Tim has enjoyed a successful career in independent feature films, commercials and corporate documentaries. Moreover, Tim counts among his well-established industry relationships many of the most prominent independent studio executives, directors, and actors.


Tim’s producer credits include 2013’s Rage from Hannibal Classics and starring Nicolas Cage, Drawing Out Genius and Return to Forever: Inside the Music.  In 2002, he collaborated with award-winning Cinematographer Andrzej Sekula (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) forming Leonidas Films Inc. and made The Pleasure Drivers. The film starred Angus McFadden, Lauren Holly and Billy Zane.


As Head of Production at Creative Entertainment Group, Tim supervised and line produced more than 75 film and video productions. In 2009, He produced Adam Mason’s award winning film Blood River. He also produced The Truth: The Journey Within, a docu-drama that weaves the teachings of 32 of the world’s leading neuroscientific experts and educational leaders; plus the documentary The Original 7ven about the comeback of Morris Day and Jerome Benton, with Grammy winners Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


Tim also worked as an Executive  Producer with Hannibal Pictures on the USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage starring Nicolas Cage, the harrowing true story of the crew stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapon that would eventually end WWII.

Leni Faas



Leni Faas is a highly successful serial entrepreneur with a career that began in 1976 - racing Speedway Motorcycles as a professional for nearly 12 years. His business career began with the invention of CastBlast® Aerosol Spray. Leni and co-inventor Bill Spaeth were featured in dozens of magazines and television network news stations. Leni went on to build the first car wash in the San Francisco East Bay area that cleans vehicles by Hand and was rated #1 by NBC News. During that time, Faas owned California Film, the largest producer of images onto large format film, used to create billboards and movie industry posters.


He then developed, operated, and sold, Campers Cove Resort, located in the Ashland Hills of Southern Oregon and con-currently, developed, operated, and then sold, Whaleshead Beach Resort, located on the Oregon coastline, with 105 cottages overlooking the ocean with a restaurant and overnight accommodations for RV owners. Faas, also served as a Board Member of DSE Retaurants, a chain of theme based restaurants, including Crosby’s, McCovey’s, DiMaggios, and Maria Maria.


Leni currently owns SAFEView DMS Inc, a Document Management Company - a cloud based operation with SAAS product used by many industries. He is also one of the lead
investors in a start-up bank, American Business Bank, which has been highly successful since it’s opening; catering to companies with revenues of five million dollars or more.


Leni’s most exciting project, since his racing career, is the film GRAND SCAM of which he is Executive Producer and Creator.

Lee Librado

Director | Producer


Lee Librado is a longtime veteran of the film industry. A graduate of UCLA film school, Lee began his career in television working on numerous television shows before embarking on his own career as a Director/ Producer, developing projects for the urban marketplace.


In conjunction with The Jackson Family, Lee launched a film and TV production company called Legacy Entertainment whose main focus was to create family oriented, music based entertainment in both media’s. He then turned his attention to directing, some titles including: The One for Me, starring Morris Day and Jerome Benton from the musical group The Time;  Champions Forever The Latin Legends, with Edward James Olmos, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez; and Boyz Klub, with Beau Bridges, Jack Scalia and Rachel Hunter. Lee recently has also  produced and directed films and music videos for the musical groups Morris Day and The Time and The Legendary Jazz musicians Chick Corea and Stanly Clark. He has also produced numerous films including Adam Mason’s award winning film Blood River and Pleasure Drivers with award winning cinematographer Andrzej Sekula (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs).


In 2017, Lee completed directing his latest film titled Grand Scam which will be released in early 2018.