a micro mini-series by Charles Wiedman

The only one he can save now is himself.


A deadly government agent turns his back on the deep-state political meat grinder in order to regain his own humanity.



After a mission that cost the lives of his Ranger support team, NSA extraction expert Frank Schaffer was presumed to have died with them. Somehow, he survived. But decades of violence and high-stakes missions have taken their toll on his psyche, and now the fact that he and his team were betrayed in a political power play pushes Frank to turn his back on thirty years of service to his country. When he returns to the U.S. using an assumed identity, it isn’t long before he’s discovered to be alive and may also have information that would expose the agency and the corrupt political power structure behind it. Knowing he’s a marked man, Frank drops off the grid to plan his next move. After a near-fatal run-in with an assassin sent by his former boss, he narrowly escapes into the desert of West Texas and the only person he can trust - Merci Lane - who lost her leg on a mission with Frank many years ago. Tinged with elements of mystical intervention, and universal themes of purpose and potential, Frank’s journey takes him from the life of an elite killer back to his own true humanity - even as a new deadlier agent closes in to end his life. 

5 Episodes Distributed online.

A Hyperbolic Metaphor in the Form of a Cool, Stylized Action/Drama

Frank is a good man who’s done dark and violent things in the line of duty. PTSD is not a sign of weakness. It’s just the normal reaction of any human being to horrific experiences. This mini-series aims to shine light on the symptoms of unresolved trauma and the road back to mental fitness by telling a story that’s engaging and informative.


Our motivation here is to join and support the conversation around the recognition of trauma and the importance of seeking guidance to resolve it by creating branded content and entertainment with this issue as its theme.

This project is funded by sponsorships and product placement fees. We’re inviting individuals, organizations, and brands to join us in our goal to provide quality, shareable content that strengthens, and inspires.

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Charles Wiedman



Savannah Welch



Shilo Harris



Nick Stevenson


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